Meet Ajman’s New
Shopping Destination

In keeping with the cultural relevance of Ajman, Mirkaaz offers a unique lifestyle where people can enjoy the best of both worlds – indoor luxury and comfort, surrounded by scenic natural views.

Meet Ajman 2021

The Ajman 2021 vision aims to create a happy society backed by a ‘green economy’ that provides the best growth opportunities and an ideal lifestyle for the people, while keeping the best interests of the environment in mind.

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A traditional Arabic word describing a meeting place for opinion leaders, friends, and family, where they engage in meaningful conversations amid a pleasant ambience.

Japanese Sushi, Thai Noodles, Indian Biryani, Turkish Baklava, Hummus Beiruti, and more. Choicest foods from around the world gather at the ultimate dining destination called Mirkaaz.


Whether it’s dressing up in the season’s latest style or stocking up on everyday groceries, the people of Ajman can now shop to their heart’s content in their own neighbourhood.


A day out at Mirkaaz is not just an exciting journey with brands; it’s also a joyful experience of bonding with your loved ones.


Unique Atrium Roof

Imagine gazing at stunning skyscapes while browsing through the season’s latest trends. Mirkaaz is the first mall in the UAE featuring a sprawling Atrium Roof constructed using ETFE. Stretching over a span of 36m, with a total area of 7,920 sqm, the Atrium Roof is a defining feature of Mirkaaz that takes the shopping experience to a whole new level.

Meet Outdoors

Soon, you can enjoy a complete outdoor experience, indoors. Our second phase will include an indoor botanical garden with rows of vibrant Ghaf trees and a unique flora, as well as a theme park for exciting joy-filled moments with your family.

Nature, Meet Art

From artistic patterns inspired by local art, to innovative structures relevant to the local culture. Each and every aspect of Mirkaaz is designed keeping in mind the wishes and wants of the people, and to create an unforgettable experience of fun-filled moments with their friends and family.

botanical garden
of open sky, day and night

Meet Convenience

A strategic location is vital for any lifestyle destination to ensure a high footfall. Mirkaaz sits conveniently at the juncture of Ajman, Sharjah, and northern emirates, making it easily accessible to all the northern emirates via Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.

from Dubai International Airport from Sharjah International Airport traffic road location


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Meet Value

At Mirkaaz, we understand the importance of ‘behind- the-scenes’ functions and needs for every successful business. Along with its unique architecture, impeccable aesthetics and natural ambience, Mirkaaz offers an array of convenient and well-planned facilities for efficient functioning of your business.

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